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Lectionary + June 2016

 Lectionary Notes + June 2016

              What Happened After Pentecost?

   Pentecost is often referred to as the Christian Church’s Birthday. The story of the day the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Apostles is well-known. A mighty wind was heard, tongues of fire appear on their heads, and all assembled heard them preach the Gospel in their native language. Scripture reports that those who received His word were baptized, and there were added that day about three thousand souls. [Acts 2:41].
   But what happened after Pentecost? How did the infant Church reflect the Gospel of Christ in its early days? How did it grow, and why?
   Beginning Sunday, May 29, and continuing through June, Pastor Henry will present a sermon study on the Early Church entitled: “Now…” This brief sermon series will give some insights into the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, and the controversies and accomplishments of the young Christian Church, facing a hostile world filled with doubt, and fear.
   And speaking of controversies, don’t miss the sermon series on the Book of James, often a bone of contention in the Lutheran Church. This series begins in July.

                        June   5 + Pentecost III  Genesis 32:22-32                        Acts 9:18-31                   Luke 18:1-8

                                                            Sermon – Early Church Series + “Now there is Peace” + Pastor on Acts 9:31
Many in the days after Pentecost believed that the Way, was just a passing phase, that it would die out quickly as so many other sects and fads had. But the Christian Church did not fade away; it grew. It grew because it had peace. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Henry continues the Early Church Sermon Series with “Now There Is Peace,” based on Acts 9:32.

                        June 12 + Pentecost IV   Genesis 15:1-21             Acts 9:36-42                   Luke 12:22-34

                                                            Sermon – Early Church Series + “Now We Pray” + Pastor on Acts 9:40
In the early days of the Church in Jerusalem, the message of salvation through Jesus Christ was being boldly preached and accepted. But there were many who wanted to put a stop to the infant Christian Church’s growth – some who had been responsible for our Lord’s crucifixion. How do you protect yourself against such persecution? How can the infant Church secure its survival? The answer may be found in Pastor Henry’s sermon, “Now Pray,” based on Acts 9:36-42.

                        June 19 + Pentecost V    Jeremiah 1:4-19             Acts 10:9-33                   Luke 4:31-42

                                                            Sermon – Early Church Series + “Now We Eat” + Pastor on Acts 10:10-14
How exclusive is the Christian Church? Is it only for people of European descent? Is the Lutheran Church only for families who can trace their heritage back to Germany or Scandinavia? For the early Church the question was: is the Christian Church only for Jews? Do we have to be kosher? Pastor Henry looks into the membership requirements of the early Christian Church in a sermon entitled “Now Eat,” based on Acts 10: 9-15. 

                        June 26 + Pentecost VI   Isaiah 66:17-24              Acts 10:34-48                 Luke 13:22-35

                                                            Sermon – Early Church Series + “Now Hear the Good News” + Acts 10:44-45
So much contributed the growth of the early Christian Church – the faithfulness of the Apostles, the power of the Holy Spirit, prayer, the inclusion of all people despite differences in ethnic traditions. But the one indisputable factor that allowed the early Christian Church to grow, to weather its persecution and prosper to this day is…. Come a listen as Pastor Henry concludes the Early Christian church Sermon Series with, “Now Hear the Good News,” based on Acts 10:44-45.