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Lectionary + Summer + July-August 2016

 Lectionary Notes + Summer, July-August 2016

                        July 3 + Pentecost VII                 Jeremiah 23:16-29          Acts 12:1-19       Luke 12:49-53

                                                                        Sermon: “E Pluribus Unum” + Pastor on Luke 12:49-53
E Pluribus Unum – from many, one. That is the official motto of the United States of America, and certainly describes the fabric of our country – from many independent states to one country, from many peoples one nation. We are a patchwork of many parts made into a single quilt. The similarities between the Untied States and the Church are obvious – many parts [individuals and denominations] make up one single holy catholic [universal] church. Both country and church have also suffered, been divided fought among itself, and even threatened to self-destruct. And yet, we are one. Come and listen as Pastor Henry preaches on the connection between country and church in the sermon for Independence day, “E Pluribus Unum,” based on Luke 12:49-53.

                        July 10 + Pentecost VIII              Amos 8:1-14                  James 1:1-11     Luke 16:1-18
                          There will be no worship at Love Lutheran Church this Sunday as Pastor attends the National Convention of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. Please join our friends at

                          St John’s Stuyvesant, located at 159 Route 26A, Stuyvesant, NY. For Directions visit Worship begins at 10:15.
                        July 17 + Pentecost IX                Genesis 29:1-30             James 1:12-18   Luke 9:10-17

                                                            Sermon Series – The Book of James: “Wisdom for the Asking” + James 1:5-6

“We should throw the epistle of James out of this school, for it doesn’t amount to much… The ancients recognized this too, and therefore they didn’t acknowledge this letter as one of the catholic epistles.” [LW – Vol 54, 424-425]
                Martin Luther said this in the Spring of 1542. He simply had a low opinion of the Epistle of St James. Not because of its controversial faith without works is dead statement, but because it really did not speak of Christ. Indeed, the Book of James has been controversial through the history of the Christian Church, but it is part of Scripture. It offers both wisdom and Gospel, exhortation and comfort. Pastor Henry begins a short Sermon Series on the Book of James beginning this Sunday, July 17, with a the sermon: “Wisdom for the Asking, “ based on James 1:5-6.

                        July 24 + Pentecost X                  Isaiah 3:12-26                James 1:19-27   Luke 14:1-24

                                                            Sermon Series – The Book of James: “I Hear and Obey” + James 1:22-24
Many Hollywood depictions of ancient times have the king, or pharaoh, or knight ordering their servant to perform some service for them. Upon receiving their instructions, the slave replied: “I hear and I obey.” St James explains that is our duty as well. Join us as Pastor Henry explains in the sermon “I Hear and Obey,” based on James 1:22-24.

                        July 31 + Pentecost XI                Deuteronomy 30:11-20    James 2:1-13     Luke 14:25-35

                                                            Sermon Series – The Book of James: “The Scales of Justice” + James 2:1-4
The Epistle of James has indeed been controversial, but contains so much wisdom and guidance. Its teachings need to be judged in balance to our world, and our very lives: grace, works, obedience, faith. Join us as Pastor continues the Sermon Series on the Epistle of St James with “The Scales of Justice,” based on James 2:1-4.

                        Aug 7 + Pentecost XII                Isaiah 65:1-10                James 2:14-26   Luke 8:26-39

                                                            Sermon Series – The Book of James: “A Dead Faith” + James 2:14-17
…faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. So writes St James in his epistle, and this has been the point of contention ever since Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the chapel door of Wittenberg Castle. What do we rely on? Works? Faith? Faithful works? Or perhaps a working faith? Can faith be dead? Join us as P{astor Henry sorts through all these questions in the conclusion of the Summer Sermon Series on the Book of James.

                        Aug 14 + Pentecost XIII              Jeremiah 7:1-15             James 3:1-12     Luke 19:41-48

                                                                        Sermon: “Behind the Tears” + Pastor on Luke 19:41-43
Having regrets can be heart-wrenching. What would it have been life if I had only… the list could be very long. Watching others struggle through their regrets is equally as difficult, especially when that person is our Lord, Jesus Christ. Behind the tears He shed while gazing at Jerusalem from afar, as described in the day’s Gospel text, what was He thinking? Did He regret coming to save us? Pastor Henry answers this question in today’s sermon, “Behind the Tears,” based on Luke 19:41-43. 

                        Aug 21 + Pentecost XIV               Deuteronomy 11:1-32      James 3:13–4:10            Luke 6:1-11

                                                                        Sermon: “The Blue Laws” + Pastor on Luke 6:2,5
You can’t buy an ice cream soda on Sundays! At least that was what an old law in Massachusetts stated – and what brought about the Sundae. This is just one of the blue laws that existed, or might still exist in locations throughout our country. It can be confusing just what is allowed and not allowed on the Sabbath. That was Jesus’ dilemma in Luke 9, the subject of Pastor Henry’s sermon this week, entitled “The Blue Law.”

                        Aug 28 + Pentecost XV    No Worship at LLC + Joint Worship & Picnic with St John’s, Stuyvesant

            It’s picnic time! Worship this week will be held at Schodack Island State Park in a joint service with St John’s Lutheran Church, Stuyvesant, beginning at 11AM. Please contact the office at 518-477-8685 for more details, or visit
                Come join us for a day in God’s beautiful Creation!