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Lectionary + September 2015

 Lectionary Notes + September 2015

+ Fall Sermon Series +

People of the Old Testament

You’ve heard their names – Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Job. They were certainly luminaries during Old Testament times, central figures in the secular and religious life of the Children of Israel. But do you know how and why they are important to the New Testament, to the Christian Church?

   Beginning on Sunday, September 20th and continuing through October, each Sunday sermon will examine the lives and impact these Old Testament figures had on their times, and ours.

6 Sept + Pentecost XV-Sunday of Creation                        Genesis 1:3-2:4              Hebrews 4:1-13              John 1:1-5

                                                                        Sermon: “And God Said” + Pastor on Genesis 1:1-3
And God said… Just by His utterance all that exists came into being – the universe, the planets, Earth, trees and weeds, animals and fish, and…us. That’s right, God created us. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Henry examines our relationship with God as Creator – our Creator – in a sermon entitled “And God said…” based on Genesis 1:1-3a.
13 Sept + Pentecost XVI-Holy Cross Sunday                       Numbers 21:4-9              I Corinthians 1:18-25       John 12:20-33

                                                                        Sermon: “The Power of God” + Pastor on I Corinthians 1:18
     Countless people have been executed, some of them quite famous with throngs of followers. However, you do not see churches with a gallows hanging above the altar, or people of faith wearing a tiny golden electric chair around their neck. And yet, Christians joyfully display the symbol of death – Christ’s death: the Cross. Why? Because the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. Be with us this Sunday as Pastor Henry preaches on this verse from I Corinthians 1:18 with a sermon entitled, “The Power of God.”
20 Sept + Pentecost XVII-Sunday of Noah             Genesis 6:9-22               Hebrews 11:1-16                        John 6:16-21

                                                                        Sermon: “All Hands on Deck” + Pastor on Genesis 6:9-10
     “All hands on deck!” the ship’s captain shouts, alerting everyone that there is work to be done. A storm is approaching and everything has to be made ready to weather it, to survive it, and to then continue the mission. This could be heard as the Mayflower approached our shores hundreds of years ago, or as recently as this past week as U S Naval vessels patrol dangerous waters around the globe. However, the Mayflower and the USS John F Kennedy would not have sailed the high seeds if it hadn’t been for Noah, perhaps the first to yet “all hands on deck!” Be with us this week as Pastor Henry examines Genesis 6: 9-15, the life of Noah and the legacy he has left with us – the covenant with God seen in the rainbow.
27 Sept + Pentecost XVIII-Sunday of Abraham       Genesis 12:1-20             Hebrews 11:17-31           John 3:1-17

                                                            Sermon: “Do What You’re Told” + Deacon Pearl Albrechtsen on Genesis 12:1-4
As a child, did you receive an allowance for taking out the garbage or some other chore? If so, then you can certainly relate to Abraham. He was promised a great reward if he would only do what God told him to do. It wasn’t easy, but in the long run, Abraham was blessed because of his disobedience, and so are we. And now it’s up to us. Join us this Sunday as we examine Genesis 12:1-4 in a sermon entitled, “Do What You’re Told.” Deacon Pearl Albrechtsen of Trinity Schenectady will be our guest while Pastor Henry is away attending several conferences