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Lectionary + March 2017

 Lectionary Notes + March 2017


The Season of Lent begins with the commemoration of Ash Wednesday.  At every mid-week vespers of this penitential season, Pastor Henry will be examining the Ten Commandments – the Law which we could not and can not fulfill, in a sermon series entitled “For You…”, based on the scholarship of Rev Brent W Kuhlman as appears in the Concordia Pulpit materials. These Wednesday evening gatherings will be begin with a soup dinner at 6 PM, service at 7 PM.

   Each Sunday during the Season of Lent, Pastor Henry will be taking us on a journey up the Mountains of Faith – those mountaintop experiences that define our relationship with God, and bringing us to His Cross.  Please join us for this sermon series.

Lectionary Notes for Wednesday Evening Vespers + March 2017

                        Wed. March 1    - Ash Wednesday:   “ForYou… Commandments Nine & Ten” + I Kings 21:1-16

                        Wed. March 8 – Lenten Midweek 2:  “For You… Commandment 8” + Matthew 26:59-61

                        Wed. March 15 – Lenten Midweek 3:  “For You… Commandment 7” + John 12:1-8

                        Wed. March 22 – Lenten Midweek 4:  “For You… Commandment 5 & 6” + II Samuel 11:1-27

                        Wed. March 29  - Lenten Midweek 5:  “For You… Commandment 4” + Luke 2:41-52

Lectionary Notes for Sundays + March 2017


                        Mar 5 + Lent I                Genesis 6:1-8                 Romans 5:12-19             Matthew 4:1-11

                                                Sermon Series: Mountains of Faith – “Mountain of Creation” + Genesis 8:2-4, 14-19

From the mountain tops we can see… more mountains.  In the journey of faith, we climb many mountain, have many mountaintop experiences.  One such experience occurred atop Mount Ararat where Noah, his family and all the creatures within the Ark came to rest after the great flood.  From there they witnessed the waters receding, the rainbow declaring God’s promise never to destroy Creation by water. Mount Ararat is the “Mountain of Re-Creation.”  Listen as Pastor Henry explains in the sermon based on Genesis 8:2-4, 14-19.

                        Mar 12 + Lent II             II Kings 17:7-23             I Corinthians 10:14-22     Matthew 21:12-22

                                                Sermon Series: Mountains of Faith – “Mountain of Sacrifice” + Genesis 22:1-2, 9-19

As the Season of Lent continues, we are reminded that our focus is on Mount Calvary where Jesus sacrificed His life for our salvation.  But that was not the first “Mountain of Sacrifice.”  Join us this week as Pastor Henry explains in the next segment of the sermon series, “Mountains of Faith,” based on Genesis 22:1-2, 9-19 – the story of Abraham and Isaac.

                        Mar 19 + Lent III                        Isaiah 51:1-8                 I Corinthians 6:1-11        Matthew 16:13-23

                                                Sermon Series: Mountains of Faith – “Mountain of the Law” + Exodus 19:20; 20:1-17

 During the penitential Season of Lent, we focus on the need for repentance from our sinfulness.  Beginning with the disobedience of Adam and Eve in the Garden, humankind has been plagued with sin, made all the more apparent with the pronouncement of the Tern Commandments at Mount Sinai – “The Mountain of the Law,” the subject of Pastor Henry’s sermon this week, based on Exodus 19:20; 20:1-17.

                        Mar 26 + Lent IV                        Joshua 10:1-15               I Corinthians 9:1-27        Matthew 20:17-28

                                                Sermon Series: Mountains of Faith – “Mountain of Remembrance” + Joshua 4: 1-24

It is so easy to forget – forget those lessons once taught, those rules and guidelines once established for our benefit.  Over time, we even forget how important our relationship with the Creator of the Universe is.  This Season of Lent, it is time to return to the “Mountain of Remembrance,” as Pastor Henry proclaims in this week’s sermon based on Joshua 4:19-24

RB500 + Read Through the Bible

Join others throughout the Atlantic District in celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran reformation by reading through the Bibler, beginning October 31, 2016 and ending October 31, 2018

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