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Lectionary + March 2015

 Lectionary Notes + March 2015


 + Lenten Sunday Worship & Sermon Series +
When Moses encountered Yahweh at the burning bush and inquired by what name He should be called, God answered: I am who I am. [Exodus 3:14]
        The Gospel of John builds on this Old Testament event and the personal name for God in order to explain who Jesus is. The Jews of His day were quite familiar with the story of Moses’ encounter with Yahweh, revering the name “I Am” so much that they would never say it aloud. It is understandable, therefore, that the Pharisees would be outraged whenever Christ described Himself in terms of “I Am…”.
       Join us on Sundays throughout Lent for a special sermon series – “I Am” examining Christ’s description of Himself as appears in the Gospel of John.

          Sun., March 1     Lent II               Ezekiel 34:1-10               II Peter 2:1-10a              John 10:1-10
                                                 Lenten Sermon Series – Part 2 + “I Am the Door” + Pastor on John 10:1-10
“Please come in,” our host invites each week. We know who it is even without hearing the name or seeing the face. We know who has extended the invitation and through whom we can enter. Jesus said: “I am the door.” What sort of door is this?  And who is guaarding the gate?

             Sun., March 8     Lent III             Ezekiel 34:11-24             II Peter 2:10b-22                        John 10:11-21
                                                 Lenten Sermon Series – Part 3 + “I Am the Good Shepherd” + Pastor on John 10:11-21
Shepherding was not an easy job in ancient Judea. There were many dangers, struggles finding new pastures in which to graze, predators to avoid, and of course wayward sheep to find. Shepherds had enough to do to manage the flock they had no less take on more hardship with additional flocks. But not Jesus. In His description of Himself – “I Am the Good Shepherd” – He said He would protect and care for sweep not of His fold, even to the point of His death. Listen to Pastor Henry this Sunday in the next installment of the Lenten Sermon Series “I Am” based on John 10:11-21.
             Sun., March 15   Lent IV              Ezekiel 15:1-8                 II Peter 3:1-18               John 15:1-17
                                                 Lenten Sermon Series – Part 4 + “I Am the True Vine” + Pastor on John 15:5-6
Several years ago, it was fashionable to reconstruct the “seven degrees of separation” in order to show how, in one way or another, we are all connected. This is not a new concept. Jesus said: I am the vine, you are the branches.” The Sunday Lenten sermon series “I Am” continues as Pastor Henry examines our Lord’s description of Himself in John 15:5-8. Come join us; Worship begins at 10 AM.

              Sun., March 22   Lent V               Deuteronomy 19:1-14      I Corinthians 10:23-11:1  John 14:1-14
                                                 Lenten Sermon Series – Part 5 + “I Am the Way” + Pastor on John 14:2b-4

The word “Christian” was not in common usage during the early days of the Church. In fact, followers of Jesus Christ were identified as members of “The Way.” That would sound odd if it were not for Jesus’ description: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” Join us this Sunday at 10 AM to discover the Way to follow He who s the Christ.

  + Lenten Mid-Week Worship & Sermon Series +
   Also this Lent, through readings, song and sermons, our Wednesday evening Vespers will concentrate on penitence. Each Wednesday evening begins with a Soup Supper at 6:00 PM, followed by Vespers in the Love Coffee Café at 7:00 PM.
             Wed., March 4   Sermon: The Penitence Series – Part 3 + “The Character of Penitence” + Pastor on Psalm 38


Many Christians face profound suffering in this life. At times, it appears as if God were punishing us. But that’s not the case! God’s children are penitent and so they see suffering, pain and sorrow for what it is: the consequence of sin. Pastor Henry will once again lead Wednesday Vespers, examining the “Character of Penitence” in a meditation based on Psalm 38. Join us beginning at 6 PM for Soup Supper, and Vespers at 7 PM

             Wed., March 11  Sermon: The Penitence Series – Part 4 + “The Penitent Prayer” + Pastor on Psalm 51          


Wednesday, 11 March, marks the fourth installment in the mid-week series “Penitence.” After our weekly Soup Supper at 6 PM, come and listen to “The Penitent Prayer,” based on Psalm 51

              Wed., March 18  Sermon: The Penitence Series – Part 5 + “The Penitent Hope” + Pastor on Psalm 102


Please join us as well for our Wednesday Soup Supper at 6 PM, followed by Vespers in the Love Coffee Café. This week, Pastor Henry will share how penitents acknowledge life’s vanity, and yet is filled with hope and consolation.

              Wed., March 25  Sermon: The Penitence Series – Part 6 + “The Penitent Waits” + Pastor on Psalm 130

And don’t forget to also be our guest on Wednesday, 25 March, for our final Soup Supper and Vespers, beginning at 6 PM. This week, Pastor Henry concludes the midweek “Penitence” series by examining Psalm 130 and discussing how the penitent believer waits patiently for the reappearance of Him who died for our sins, rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven

            Holy Week + 2015

            Sun., March 29   Palm Sunday      Isaiah 28:1-21                Revelation 5:1-14                        John 12:12-19
                                                 Sermon: The Penitence Series + “The Penitent Thirst” + Pastor on Psalm 143
…and others spread leafy branches they had cut from the fields [Mark 11:8]
    Palm Sunday is a time of celebration, of welcoming the revelation of Jesus Christ into our lives, just as others welcomed Him into Jerusalem at the beginning of Holy Week so many centuries ago. But who were the crowds welcoming? Redeemer or Liberator? Would they be thirsty for the waters of salvation, or thirsty for this Carpenter from Nazareth’s blood? Pastor Henry looks for the answer in Psalm 143 at this Sunday’s worship, beginning at 10 AM
    Holy Week continues on 2 April 2015 with the Maundy Thursday celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 7 PM, being reminded that “Our Lord Did This for You!” in a sermon. Based on Psalm 22.
    Good Friday, 3 April 2015, brings the penitential observance of Lent to its apex with the Tennebrae Service of Darkness and Light at 7 PM, solemnly remembering our Lord’s death and placement in the tomb.
    Yet, despite the sorrow, joy comes in the morning – Easter morning – when we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord, beginning with Easter Breakfast at 9:00 AM and followed by Festival Worship at 10:00 AM.

Special Worship Opportunities + Holy Week, 2015
             Sunday, 29 March 2015 + Palm Sunday – 10:00 M
             Thursday, 2 April 2015  + Maundy Thursday Celebration of the Lord’s Supper – 7:00 PM
             Friday, 3 April 2015      + Good Friday Tennebrae Service of Darkness and Light – 7:00 PM
             Sunday, 5 April 2015    + Easter Breakfast – 9:00 AM
                                               + Festival Worship for the Resurrection of our Lord – 10:00 AM

 Come Worship Him, Jesus Christ, Savior and Living Lord






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