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Lectionary +April 2014

April 6      Lent V           Exodus 10: 21-29              II Thessalonians 3: 1-18              Mark 14: 53-72
                                     Sermon: "Denied" + Pastor on Mark 14: 66-72
     Are you really a follower of Christ?  You certainly don't act like one!

     What is our response when we are caught in some act that certainly does not glorify the God we profess as our own?  If could be cursing, telling an off-colored joke, anything that the world woulpd gladly point out is not the behavior of a follower of Christ.  Dow e accept the shame immediately, or do we act as Peter did - deny our Lord, even through our silence?

April 13 Palm Sunday   Isaiah 64: 1-12                   Romans 9: 14-24                          Mark 11: 1-11
                                     Sermon: "Yet again, welcome" + Pastor on Mark 11: 9-11

     The penitential season of Lent culminates in Holy Week – those seven days which account the Passion of jesus Christ leading to the glorious Day of Easter. It all begins with Palm Sunday, when with waving olive and palm branches the people of Jerusalem welcomed Jesus just days before His death. Their shouts of hosanna would be drowned out by the roar of the crowd demanding our Lord’s crucifixion. Do we allow that to happen; allow the roar of the crowd drown out the praises for our most gracious God? If that has been the case, let this be the day we again welcome Him who loves us, even to the point of death.


April 17 Maundy Thursday    Exodus 11: 1-10        Romans 1: 18-32                           Mark 14: 10-31

                                              Sermon:  "Jonah - A Story of Survival + On the Same Page"

     Called by God to bring the Gospel to the people of Nineveh, Jonah found himself on a different page.  He hated the Assyrians, and certainly did not want to aee them receive God's grace.  Many of us, when left to ourselves, find ourselves on a different page than our Lord.  Yet He has come to unite us, and does so with the wonderful gift of His Holy SUpper - the communion which we share with one another.


April 18 Good Friday           Genesis 1 - 3:15                                                               Mark 14: 44-Mark 15: 46

                                            Sermon:  "The Wages of Sin is..."

     In the beginning, God created... and it was very good.  What happened?  Where did God go wrong?  Where did we go wrong?  All that we have done, that we do or will do, leads to just one place - death. Oh, darkest woe!

April 20 Easter Sunday        Exodus 14: 1-31            Revelation 1: 1-20                     Mark 16: 1-8
                                             Sermon: "The fullness of being empty" + Pastor on Mark 16: 6

      He is risen! He is risen indeed, Alleluia!
     The darkness of Good Friday, the doubt of Saturday have been dispelled. The Tomb is empty! Jesus lives!
      All are invited to break the Lenten fast with the family of Love Lutheran Church at Easter Breakfast, beginning at 9:00 AM. Immediately following, at 10:00 AM, we will celebrate our salvation won with a Festival Worship for the Resurrection of our Lord.

April 27 Easter II                   Deuteronomy 1:19-33    I Peter 1: 3-9                            John 20: 19-31
                                              Sermon: "Blessed be..." + Pastor on I Peter 1: 3-9 

     The shout continues: He is risen! He is risen indeed, alleluia! All who confess Christ is risen from the dead are blessed… blessed to grow in faith in what Christ has done to deliver us from sin and death, and therefore blessed to praise Him for all He has done. It is all in the action… all in the verbs


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