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Lectionary +April 2014

The Lectionary for May 2014

May 4    Easter III                       Ezekiel 43:1-12               Revelation 21:1-8                        Mark 12:18-27
                                                 Sermon: “God of the Living” + Pastor on Mark 12: 26-27

        Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we concentrate so much on the need for Christ’s sacrifice so that we might be justified before God for our sins that we forget. We forget that Christ is the God of the Living – and always has been., for from death has come life. Join us at Love Lutheran Church this Sunday as Pastor Henry presents “God of the Living,” a sermon based on Mark 12: 26-27.

May 11  Easter IV                       Acts 2:42-47                   I Peter 2:19-25               John 10:1-16
  Good Shepherd Sunday             Sermon: “Good Door Sunday” + Pastor on John 10: 1-10

        This week is Good Shepherd Sunday, the day we look at our Lord as the shepherd of our lives and faith. He leads us through the narrow door to eternal life. Perhaps we should rename this Sunday to Good Door Sunday. Please join us as we look at Jesus as the door through which we have life and have it abundantly forgiven in Pastor Henry’s sermon, “Good Door Sunday,” based on John 10: 1-10. Worship begins at 10:00 AM
      And stay with us afterwards as we celebrate Mothers’ Day with a special reception put together by the men of Love Lutheran. Love Lutheran Church is located at Middlesex Road and Pheasant Lane in East Greenbush
May 18  Easter V                         Isaiah 49:14-28              Revelation 22:1-5                        Mark 2:1-12                                                                               

                                                 Sermon: “Don’t take the easy way” + Mark 2:9-10

        Hospitals are full with people recovering from accidents, many of them their own fault. In the case of someone causing the death of another person through an accident, the pain of guilt continues long after the pain of physical recovery has passed. Which is easier to heal? The body, or the soul? AS the celebration of Easter continues, let us be forever thankful that Christ did not take the easy way.
      Join us this Sunday at 10:00 AM for Pastor Henry’s Sermon, “Don’t Take the Easy Way,” based on Mark 2:9-10.

May 25  Easter VI                       Ezekiel 24:3-12               Revelation 22:6-20          Mark 4:1-20
                                                 Sermon: “Seeing the unseen; knowing the unknown” + Pastor on Mark 4:10-12

        Puzzles, riddles, parables – they all tease our brains, challenge us to discover hidden meanings, disguised messages. Are they meant to keep some secret knowledge away from us? Did Jesus tell parables in order to prevent some hearers from knowing the truth about Him, about God? Why did Jesus tell parables?   Pastor Henry looks into this question with a sermon entitled “Seeing the Unseen, Knowing the Unknown,” based on Mark 4: 10-12. 
May 29 Ascension Day                 Regional Ascension Day Worship will be held at St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Saratoga
                                                 Rev Dr David H Benke, Bishop and President of the Atlantic District will share the Word.



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Atlantic District LWML Convention, Queens NY


Atlantic District LWML Convention - Queens NY


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