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Lectionary +September 2016

 Lectionary Notes + Summer, July-August 2016

        Series + People & Events of the Old Testament

    You’ve heard their names; you know the stories – Creation, the Flood, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Ruth. These were all central to our understanding of the Old Testament, and the lens through which we looked toward Christ. We can never tire of them, nor can we ever learn enough from them.

   Beginning on Sunday, September 4th and continuing through October 9, each Sunday sermon will examine the monumental events and lives from the Old Testament, and how they impact our lives today.

   Join us for the Old Testament Series beginning September 4.     

          Sept 4 + Pentecost XVI
                        Sunday of Creation          Genesis 1:1-5                 II Corinthians 2:12-17                 Luke 8:15-23
                                                            Sermon: “Turn on the Light!” + Pastor on Genesis 1:3-4
                We once again begin a look at the Old Testament, beginning with Creation and continuing with the Patriarchs. 
                How did Creation work? Did God simply hit the switch and the light went on? What about our lives? How is being a reborn Christian similar to Creation with a divine light being turned on in our lives. Pastor Henry will explore these questions in a sermon entitled “Turn on the Light,” and based on Genesis 1:3-4

            Sept 11 + Pentecost XVII
                        Sunday of the Flood        Genesis 8:1-19               II Corinthians 3:1-18                   Luke 5:27-39
                                                            Sermon: “Creation Too” + Pastor on Genesis 8:13-14, 17
                 Over time, the light went out and the rains came. God’s cherished Creation was destroyed, and replaced with a new Creation. This conversion is not unlike our own, sinners destroyed and replaced as Children of God with a new life. The Old Testament Series continues as Pastor Henry explores this connection and the command for new fruitfulness established by God in a sermon based on Genesis 8:13-14, 17 and entitled “Creation Too.”

            Sept 18 + Pentecost XVIII
                        Sunday of Abraham         Genesis 17:1-27             II Corinthians 4:1-6                     Luke 1:5-25
                                                            Sermon: “Continue Being Fruitful” + Pastor on Genesis 17:19-20
                The three great global faiths: Jewish, Islam and Christianity, all revere Abraham as father. Surprised? We shouldn’t be. God promised that Abraham would be fruitful and that through him all the nations would be blessed. Now that’s being fruitful – and continues to be, as Pastor Henry will explain in a sermon entitled “Continue Being Fruitful,” based on Genesis 17:19-20.

            Sept 25 + Pentecost XIX
                        Sunday of Joseph                       Genesis 50:15-21                        II Corinthians 4:7-18                   Luke 6:27-49
                                                            Sermon: “The Provision of Forgiveness” + Pastor on Genesis 50:19-21
               God has specific plans for us, even when circumstances would appear to be against them. It is His will that we would serve and provide for each other. That was Joseph’s calling, to, in a time of famine, provide…forgiveness. Pastor Henry describes this greatest provision in a sermon entitled, “The Provision of Forgiveness,” based on the life of Joseph as recorded in Genesis 50:19-21.              

New Schedule Beginning in September

Please make note of the following changes in our schedule effective this month, September:

   + Children’s Sunday School and Adult Bible Class resume on September 11

   + Parish Planning Council will also resume conducting its regular, monthly meetings beginning September 11.

   + Holy Communion continues tol be celebrated on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month through November [Advent I] except during special commemorations or Pastor’s absence.