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Lectionary + November 2014

  Reformation Day [Observed] + October 26, 2014
    On October 31, 1517, Dr Martin Luther posted on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg 95 statements for discussion. This act in itself was not unusual. The university professor had done so before, as had many others. The castle Church doors were the public bulletin board of this small, provincial German city. Even what was suggested for scholarly debate was not in itself remarkable. Real or perceived abuses within the Church had been discussed for decades, including Indulgences – those documents guaranteeing early release from Purgatory for the price of a few coins. What was remarkable was how this posting inflamed others towards reformation. Such clamor displayed, for the first time, the power of the Press.
    Join us on Sunday, October 26, as we celebrate this event and the recognized start of the Lutheran Reformation.
             October 26 + Pentecost XX                      Ecclesiastes 3:1-14         Romans 7:1-13               Mark 13:32-37
                  Feast of the Reformation [Observed]   Sermon: "God Has Done It" + Pastor on Ecclesiastes 3:14-15
The headline read: God is Dead! The Church was predicted to go extinct within a decade or so; it was an irrelevant personality cult out of step with society. There is so much corruption within the Church that it will soon go the way of the Roman Empire and become non-existent by its own hands.
             Sound familiar? Yet, these words are not lifted from the front page of the New York Times. Nor do they echo the sentiments of atheists and agnostics, of those dissatisfied with the Christian Church as we know it. These were headlines in Athens when Paul visited there, an analysis by Roman emperors up to the time of Constantine, and even the opinion of the radical reformers in Luther’s day. However, the Lutheran Reformation, which we commemorate this Sunday, sought to remind us that the Church was God’s doing and as such, if true to His Word, would last until Christ’s return.

Lectionary Notes + November 2014

             Nov 2    +   All Saints’ Day [Observed]      Revelation 7:9-17                   I John 3:1-3                        Matthew 5:1-12
                                                             Sermon: “Blessed Are You”         +          Pastor on Matthew 5:1-12
Blessed are you! This is a statement often heard at a child’s baptism, adult confirmation, or an acclamation of faith. But what does it mean to be bless? Certainly the saints have been blessed, both during their lives and with their eternal reward – that is a basic tenet of our Christian Faith. Come and follow Pastor Henry as he leads the congregation through a review of the very basics of our faith and life – damnation and salvation, Law and Gospel, hell and heaven, sinner and saint.

            Nov 9    +   LWML Sunday                        Ezekiel 18:1-9                 Romans 8:1-11               Mark 7:31-37
                                                             The Day’s Message + Deacon Pearl Albrechtsen, Trinity Schenectady & LWML
This week, Love Lutheran Church celebrates the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League [LWML]. Ever since its founding, the LWML has been a leading force in missions and ministry around the world through their sacrificial gifts of mites, tithes, offerings, and tireless service. The work of these Lutheran Women in Mission reaches people of all walks of life, from the farthest regions of the globe to our own communities. We will remember this ongoing ministry with a special worship and message given by Deacon Pearl Albrechtsen of Trinity Lutheran church, Schenectady, and an active member of the LWML.

              Nov 16  +   Pentecost XXIV          Amos 7:1-17                  Romans 8:12-17             Mark 6:14-29
                                                             Sermon: “The Courtroom – The Charges Against You” + Romans 8:1-2, 12-13
Courtroom dramas such as “Law and Order” have been a staple of television ever since its inception. We are fascinated by how the crook is caught, what goes into mounting a case against them, and finally whether or not the criminal will be found guilty as deserved, or acquitted. These programs are a reflection of every day dramas, as well as the eternal drama of good versus evil with the sentence effecting our very souls. Join us as Pastor Henry begins a two-part series entitled “The Courtroom.” This week’s episode – The Verdict, based on Romans 8:12-13.

              Nov 23  +   Pentecost XXV           Daniel 12:1-13                Romans 8: 18-30                        Mark 2:1-12
                                                             Sermon: “The Courtroom – The Verdict” +
   The Verdict has been declared. All that remains is to hear the sentence. What will be our fate? Join us as Pastor Henry brings to a close the two-part sermon series entitled “The Courtroom.” This week’s episode – The Sentence, based on Romans 8:22-25.

   And be sure to join us this Wednesday evening at 7 PM as we celebrate Thanksgiving with a special service tracing the history of this uniquely American holiday, and the source for all the gifts we are indeed thankful for – our heavenly Father.
             Nov 26 +   Thanksgiving Eve                   Special Service of Thanksgiving + 7 PM
                                                             Sermon: “We Deserve It” + Pastor on Deuteronomy 8:1-10


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