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Lectionary + September 2014

  New Sermon Series + People of the Old Testament
     You’ve heard their names – Abram, Joseph, Moses, David. They were certainly luminaries during Old Testament times, central figures in the secular and religious life of the Children of Israel. But do you know how and why they are important to the New Testament + Christian Church?
    Beginning on Sunday, September 28th and continuing through October, each Sunday sermon will examine the lives and impact these four Old Testament figures had on their times, and ours.


          Sept   7             Pentecost XIII                Genesis 2: 18-25                        Romans 3: 9-20              Mark 10: 13-16
                                      Sunday of Creation                    Sermon: “Very Good” + Pastor on Genesis 2:18,21-22
What is the most dramatic event recorded in Scripture? The parting of the Red Sea at the Exodus? Perhaps it is the falling of the Walls of Babylon simply at the sound of the trumpet. Certainly we all agree the most dramatic and important event in the Bible is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, certainly up there for its drama is the Creation Story. It sets the entire Biblical Narrative into motion, leading us through all that God has done to reclaim His fallen creation. 
             This week has been designated Creation Sunday, giving us a chance to see the wonder, miracle and goodness of God’s work. Pastor Henry will deliver the sermon, “Very Good,” based on Genesis 2: 18, 21-22.
             Also this week, Children’s Sunday School and Adult Bible class resume after the summer hiatus. The Education hour begins at 9 o’clock, followed by worship at 10. Come be our guest this week, and every week, as we worship and receive the gifts God has for us in His Word. Love Lutheran Church is located at Middlesex Road and Pheasant Lane in East Greenbush. Please go to our NEW Web Site – – for more information and directions, or call 477-8685

            Sept 14             Pentecost XIV                 Numbers 21: 4-9             I Corinthians 1:18-25       John 12:20-33
                                        Holy Cross Sunday                   Sermon: “A Glorious Tree” + Pastor on John 12: 20-33
In the cross of Christ I glory…” So goes the old hymn. But how can anyone take pleasure in such a horrible instrument of death? The cross doesn’t seem as though it could glorify anything other than violence, does it? And yet, God chose this means in securing our salvation, and thereby glorifying Himself and His Son, Jesus Christ. Sounds odd? In a sermon entitled “A Glorious Tree,” based on John 12: 20-33, Pastor Henry reviews exactly what God means by “glorify.” You might be surprised by the answer.

             Sept 21             Pentecost XV                  Ezekiel 2:8 – 3:11                       Ephesians 4: 7-16                       Matthew 9: 9-13
                                        St Matthew, Apostle                 Sermon: “Doctor, Heal Thyself” + Pastor on Matthew 9:9, 11-12
Concerning the commemoration of saints’ days, the Augsburg Confession says:
             “Our churches teach that the history of saints may be set before us so that we may follow the example of their faith and good works… [However], the Scriptures do not teach that we are to call upon the saints or ask the saints for help. Scripture sets before us the One Christ as the Mediator, Atoning Sacrifice, High Priest and Intercessor. He is to be prayed to. He has promised to hear our prayers.” [AC XXI: 1-2]
                 In this spirit of honor and respect, as well as seizing an opportunity to reflect upon their lives of ministry, we commemorate the saints whenever their appointed day falls on a Sunday. This week we celebrate the life of St Matthew, Apostle and Author of a Book of the Gospel. Pastor Henry will preach a sermon entitled, “Doctor Heal Thyself,” based on Matthew 9:9, 11-12 

             Sept 28             Pentecost XVI                 Genesis 13:1-18             Romans 4:1-12               Mark 7:24-30
                                        Sunday of Abram                     Sermon: “A Cloud of Dust” + Pastor on Genesis 18:14-16
Beginning this Sunday and continuing for the next several weeks, we return to the Old Testament as source of our morning meditations. Abram, the Father of the Children of Israel, is the first subject. From this humble shepherd God promised all the nations of the world would be blest, and that his offspring would be as the dust of the earth. Pastor Henry examines the importance of Abraham to the History of the Old Testament, the Church, and even to us today. Join us for a sermon entitled, “A Cloud of Dust,” based on genesis 13: 14-16.


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