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Lectionary + October 2014

  Continuing Sermon Series +  People of the Old Testament

You’ve heard their names – Abram, Joseph, Moses, David. They were certainly luminaries during Old Testament times, central figures in the secular and religious life of the Children of Israel. But do you know how and why they are important to the New Testament + Christian Church?
    We have already touched on the Study of Creation and Abraham, and continue in October to examine the lives of Joseph, Moses and the Shepherd Boy David, and the impact they have had on their times, and ours.

           October 5 + Pentecost XVII         Genesis 40:1-23             Romans 4:13-25             Mark 8: 14-21
                The Sunday of Joseph              Sermon: “Raised from the Pit” + Pastor on Genesis 40:1-4
Joseph looms larger than life in the narrative of the Old Testament, Sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, he rose to prominence and used his position not to exact revenge, but to save those he loved. As Pastor henry’s sermon title declares, Joseph was “Raised from the Pit,” based on Genesis 40: 1-4.

              October 12 + Pentecost XVIII      Exodus 6:1-13                Romans 5:1-11               Mark 6:7-13
                The Sunday of Moses               Sermon: “Let My People Go” + Pastor on Exodus 6:10-13
Perhaps no person in the Old Testament had a greater influence on generations that followed than Moses. He set the stage for the first Passover, called the Day of Salvation by Jews to this day. He led the Exodus, spoke with God, gave us the Tablets of the Law, and was the instrument to fulfilling God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. So precious was this servant that God Himself buried Moses when he died [Deuteronomy 34:5-8]. It all started with Moses’ pleading “Let my People Go.” 
             October 19 + Pentecost XIX         I Samuel 17:1-58                        Romans 6:12-23             Mark 3:31-35
                The Sunday of Shepherd Boy David   Sermon: “Ka-Plunk” + Pastor on I Samuel 17:45-46
Psalmist, musician, warrior, king, a man after God’s own heart [I Samuel 13:14] – all these describe David. Yet we first meet him, this giant in the Biblical narrative, as a shepherd boy slaying his own giant with a stone and slingshot. How easy evil is defeated when God is on your side. Join us this week as Pastor Henry delivers a sermon entitled “K-Plunk,” highlighting the life of David, and our own when in the care of the Almighty. The text for this week’s meditation is I Samuel 17:45-46.

  Reformation Day [Observed] + October 26, 2014
    On October 31, 1517, Dr Martin Luther posted on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg 95 statements for discussion. This act in itself was not unusual. The university professor had done so before, as had many others. The castle Church doors were the public bulletin board of this small, provincial German city. Even what was suggested for scholarly debate was not in itself remarkable. Real or perceived abuses within the Church had been discussed for decades, including Indulgences – those documents guaranteeing early release from Purgatory for the price of a few coins. What was remarkable was how this posting inflamed others towards reformation. Such clamor displayed, for the first time, the power of the Press.
    Join us on Sunday, October 26, as we celebrate this event and the recognized start of the Lutheran Reformation.
             October 26 + Pentecost XX                      Ecclesiastes 3:1-14         Romans 7:1-13               Mark 13:32-37
                  Feast of the Reformation [Observed]   Sermon: "God Has Done It" + Pastor on Ecclesiastes 3:14-15
The headline read: God is Dead! The Church was predicted to go extinct within a decade or so; it was an irrelevant personality cult out of step with society. There is so much corruption within the Church that it will soon go the way of the Roman Empire and become non-existent by its own hands.
             Sound familiar? Yet, these words are not lifted from the front page of the New York Times. Nor do they echo the sentiments of atheists and agnostics, of those dissatisfied with the Christian Church as we know it. These were headlines in Athens when Paul visited there, an analysis by Roman emperors up to the time of Constantine, and even the opinion of the radical reformers in Luther’s day. However, the Lutheran Reformation, which we commemorate this Sunday, sought to remind us that the Church was God’s doing and as such, if true to His Word, would last until Christ’s return.


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