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Lectionary + February 2016

 Lectionary Notes + February 2016

 Feb   7  Feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord     Deuteronomy 34:1-12      Hebrews 3:1-6                Luke 9:28-36

                                                                        Sermon: “An Eternal Warrantee” + Pastor on Luke 9:26-36
     Can you keep a secret?  Aswe all know, sometimes that is truly asking too much.  The thing to be kept hidden might be a gift, an announcement that needs to be given only once, or a surprise to come.  Whatever it is, keeping it a secret is not always easy, especially if it’s really special.  That is what our Lord asked of His disciples – keep His identify a secret for a little while longer.  But why?  On this Transfiguration Sunday, when Jesus revealed Himself in all His glory to His disciples, we will explore the reasoning behind His request to keep a secret.  Come and listen as Pastor Henry preaches on Luke 9:26-39 in a sermon entitled: “A Hidden Warrantee.”

Feb 10  Ash Wednesday                                      Joel 2:12-19                   II Corinthians 5:20 – 6:10            Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21

                                                                        Sermon: “A Lenten Fast” + Pastor on Matthew 6:16-18
As we begin our Lenten journey to the Cross, come be our guest this Sunday at 10:00 AM, and Wednesdays for Lenten vespers, beginning at 7:00 PM, as we worship the God who died bearing our sins and rose for our justification. This Wednesday, 10 February 2016, is Ash Wednesday. Join us for our annual Soup Supper at 6:00 PM and Vespers, including the Imposition of Ashes, beginning at 7:00 PM. Love Lutheran Church is located at Middlesex Road and Pheasant Lane in East Greenbush. For more information or directions, please visit our web site:, or call 477-8685.

Feb 14  Lent I                                                    Deuteronomy 26:1-15      Philippians 1:12-30         Luke 4:1-13

                                                                        Sermon: “Just Like Me” + Pastor on Luke 4:1-2
Think back not even two months ago…what was so special about Christmas?  Was it the presents? The decorations or Christmas dinner?  Maybe it was singing the old familiar carols.  Well, actually, it was none of these.  What was so special about Christmas is how it made Lent possible – that God became man just like us.  God like us means Jesus became hungry just like us, needed sleep just like us, and was tempted just like us – but different.  Come and discover the difference this Sunday in a sermon entitled “Just Like Me,’ based on Luke 4:1-2.
Feb 21  Lent II                                                   Ezekiel 33:10-20             Philippians 2:12-18         Luke 13:1-9

                                                                        Sermon: “Cut Down That Tree!” + Pastor on Luke 13:7
What do ou do with a tree that is just dying, threatening to topple over during the next wind storm and damage other trees, perhaps even your house?  Well, you chop it down.  You have done everything you could to save the tree, but it has not responded – just remains lifeless.  There is no other choice than to chop it down.  Jesus said the same about us.  Come this Sunday listen as Pastor Henry presents a sermon entitled, “Cut Down that Tree!,” based on Luke 13:6-7.

Feb 28  Lent III                                                Ezekiel 33:7-20               Philippians 2:19-30         Luke 15:11-32   

                                                                        Sermon: “Sacrifice & The Sinner” + Pastor on Luke 13:1-9
The wedding is just four months away and you’ve gained six pounds since first fitted for that bridesmaid’s dress or groomsmen’s tuxedo.  There is a real possibility that you won’t fit into it anymore.  With a certain sense of urgency you start the diet.  The goal:  lose six pounds in six weeks, and keep it off.  We have been weighed down by our sins and urgently need to shed them, and keep them away.  We need repentance and we need it now, no matter what the sacrifice. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Henry p[resents a sermon entitled “Sacrifice and the Sinner,” based on Luke 13:1-9.

St John’s Lutheran Church, Stuyvesant
Love Lutheran Church, East Greenbush
Christ On Trial
A Dramatic Rendering for Mid-Week Lenten Vespers

Alternating each Wednesday during Lent, St John’s Stuyvesant and Love East Greenbush will host a pre-service soup dinner at 6 PM, followed by Vespers.
The Schedule is:

Feb. 10 Ash Wednesday + Love Lutheran Church
Feb 17   Wednesday of Lent I + St John’s Stuyvesant
Feb 24   Wednesday of Lent II + Love East Greenbush
Mar   2 Wednesday of Lent III + St John’s Stuyvesant
Mar   9 Wednesday of Lent IV + Love East Greenbush
Mar 16 Wednesday of Lent V + St John’s Stuyvesant

Worship times: Love E Greenbush + 7:00 + St John’s Stuyvesant + 7:30
St John’s Stuyvesant is located at 159 Route 26A, Stuyvesant, NY
For Directions visit