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Lectionary + December 2015

  Advent & Christmas Series

+ “Stir Up the Power” +
As we celebrate Advent, preparing for the Birth of the Christ Child, we begin with the prayer: Stir up Your power, O Lord, and come, that by Your protection we may be rescued…by Your mighty deliverance…”

   What are we asking for? How is God’s almighty power manifested in our lives, in our worship, in our faith? Throughout Advent and Christmas, Pastor Henry will lead a study of God’s power and how we may stir it up in our lives and our Church.

Lectionary Notes + December 2015

             6   Dec  Advent II           Judges 13:8-25               II Corinthians 11:16-33                Luke 1:57-80

                                                Sermon: “Stir Up the Power of Preparation” + Pastor on Matthew 3:1-12
Through His power and Word, God prepares us to serve the Christ Child, our Lord, with purity. The Advent-Christmas sermon series continues with a study of Matthew 3:1-12 in the sermon “Stir Up the power of Preparation.”
            13 Dec  Advent III          Exodus 2:1-10                II Corinthians 12:1-10                 Luke 1:39-45

                                                Sermon: “Stir Up the Power of Love” + Pastor on I John 4:15-21
     What is the greatest display of power? Is it a weightlifter hoisting 500 pounds above his head? Is it the detonation of a nuclear bomb, or a rocket racing to the moon? Even more powerful than all these is the power of love, especially that love shown to us through God’s mercy and grace that lifts the sins that weigh us down so that we can love one another. Join us this week as Pastor Henry continues the Advent-Christmas sermon series with “Stir Up the Power of Love,” a study of I John 4:15-21
            20 Dec  Advent IV           II Samuel 7:1-16                        II Corinthians 12:11-21                John 20:24-39

                                                Sermon: “Stir Up the Power of Joy” + Pastor on Luke 2:1-20
     It’s right around the corner…Christmas.  The birth of Jesus is good news, wonderful news because it shoes the power of God.  But, why should we rejoice at the news of Jesus’ birth?  Listen to the joyful good news in a sermon entitled “Stir Up the Power of Joy,” based on the Christmas Narrative, Luke 2:1-20.
      And come and celebrate Christmas with us this week!
            24 Dec  Christmas Eve    Candlelight Service of Carols and Lessons

                                                Sermon: “Imagine That” + Pastor on the Christmas Narrative, Luke 2:1-20
            25 Dec  Christmas Day    Isaiah 52:7-10                Hebrews 1:1-12                          John 1:1-18

                                                Sermon: “Stir Up the Power of Promises Kept” + Pastor on Matthew 1:18-25
            27 Dec  Christmas I        Revelation 1:1-6             I John 1:1 – 2:2                          John 21:20-25

               Feast of St John           Sermon: “The Light of Christ” + Pastor on 1 John 1:5-7
The Apostle John wrote in his Gospel that the birth of Jesus brought light to a world darkened by sin. As we continue to celebrate the Christmas miracle, time is taken to remember the life and work of St John, Apostle and Evangelists. Come listen to Pastor Henry preach on the Epistle, I John 1:5-7, in the sermon, “The Light of Christ.”